One CM Drive Package is required to complete a system. One Drive Package can run up to 6 CM modules or stages. The drive end bolts onto the output end of the last stage in a system.

The drive end includes, bolt on extension with bearings, shaft, 5 Stainless Steel belt sprockets, heavy duty 1/2 H.P. DC gear motor, variable speed controller 1-15 FPM, all brackets, torque limiting slip clutch, chain guard, and control panel. The control panel also houses all the E-Stop controls and E-Stop reset controls that integrates to all modules connected. The idle or input end has 4 stainless steel belt sprockets, shaft, bearings, and belt.

When a system is ordered, the drive package will be installed at the factory. The drive end can be unbolted at any time and another stage added, and then bolt the drive back on. This is what makes the CM system “true modular”.