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Since 1977, Insta-Clean has engineered and manufactured high quality, high performance, automated parts washing systems in the U.S.A. Insta-Clean takes pride in being a family owned and operated company. We have a good reputation, and we plan on keeping it that way!!

Our cleaning equipment is engineered to last, and designed to perform. All cleaning equipment built by Insta-Clean includes thermal insulation, making our cleaning equipment economical to run. We take pride in building the best, most reliable equipment available. Our standard designs include: cabinet spray washers, conveyor washers, and pass-thru washers. Insta-Clean has also built many custom monorail washers, carousel washers and other unique designs.

Insta-Clean can build you a high performance cleaning system which will outperform our competition. If our website and brochures have left some of your questions unanswered, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help you.